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Broden's story

I have heard the most terrible news a mother can hear: my son was killed in a motorbike accident.

Broden was my second son. Growing up with an older brother and a younger brother, there was lots of fun and just as much mischief. Everything Broden did he seemed to do well without too much effort. In his teen years his friends would turn to him for support, as he had reason beyond his age.

When he found a plumbing apprenticeship, his life goals were set to take off.

Then the boys lost their father due to illness. Broden found that hard to deal with. One day, while talking to a mate, Broden decided to give motor bike racing a go. He bought all the safety gear and headed off to race. This seemed to help with his grief and brought a smile to him and the rest of us.

We always had Sunday night tea together so this was the perfect opportunity to discuss our wishes, and that's how I had the privilege of discussing organ donation with my boys Corey, Broden, Curt and Tarlen. The conversation went like this: "Well boys, just letting you know I think we should all be organ donors." Their reply was, "Yep no worries mum, that sound good to us." The boys then decided it would be a good idea to select the parts of their anatomy they thought would be appropriate! We had made a serious conversation into one that wasn't scary or uncomfortable. In the end we all agreed it was just the right thing for us to do.

When the day came that this decision could be put into action, the door had closed. As a mother one of the hardest parts of my grief has been that Broden's wish to donate his organs could not be met. Now though, I'm very proud of my son's generous, selfless wish.

Words Broden lived by: "You never know what you've got until it's gone, so go hard or go home!"