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A New Start To Life

By Kristy

At the age of 23, I was diagnosed with liver cancer, and told I only had three to six months to live. After lots of chemotherapy I then had liver resections, and the doctors realised my only option for survival was a liver transplant because the tumors just kept coming back.

I was put onto the liver transplant list. It was a matter of waiting and not knowing whether a liver was going to become available or not—my life became a waiting game.

In mid August I got the call that was going to change my life forever. On the way into the hospital I was happy but also so sad for the donor’s family. I was unhappy they were going through such a hard and sad time after losing their loved one. I will never take this precious gift for granted.

All I remember when I woke up was that this was the start to my new life. All the things I can now do after recovery! My dream of being a mother is more likely to come true now and there will be no more stress on my husband and parents.

Now I have been given a new start, I am going to make the most of it. A part of my donor will always be a part of me, and every year I will be lighting a candle on my transplant anniversary to remember my donor.