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Hayden - Born an angel

By Robyn, Jeff and Ryan

Hayden has always been an angel. Having an older brother with Aspergers, Hayden stepped up and was the little 'big' brother. From very early on he looked out for his brother and protected him. He wasn't just a brother but a best friend and they idolised each other.

Hayden went to get his brother from a friend's house at the end of our street and never made it home after tragically being hit by a motorcycle.

Because Hayden was such a giving child, the decision to donate his heart valves was very easy. This is what Hayden would have wanted - to be able to help someone else.

Hayden was always trying to ensure others were happy and helping out whenever he could. His teachers always praised him and said he was the one child that would always put his hand up to help out.

Hayden tried many sports in his short nine years and fell in love with tennis. This was his niche sport.

Hayden wasn't exactly sure of his career path but he knew that he wanted to help others. He was quite sure that he would either be a nurse or a teacher.

As parents we are heart broken to lose our son at such a young age but we are forever proud of such an inspiring young boy!

Robyn, Jeff and Ryan