Seeing is Believing
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Seeing is Believing

By Ellen

The gift of sight is a precious one that many take for granted. I am not one of those people. When I was born with an ulcer on my left cornea, my parents were understandably devastated. The idea of me not being able to see the world in all its wonder and beauty crushed them. All, however, was not lost. My parents had me placed on the donor list, and at the age of two I had a corneal transplant.

As a child I was frustrated at what I had to go through. I remember drops that stung my eyes, tedious exercises and again that ugly patch I had to wear until I was school aged. I also remember countless visits to the specialist, and bright lights that seemed to burn through my eyes into the back of my skull.

I didn't realise then how truly blessed and lucky I was. My parents had patiently sat with me, giving me drops and making me do my 'tedious' exercises, trying to make my eye as strong and healthy as possible.

I had a kind and brilliant surgeon who gave me so much of his time on those 'countless' visits - often at the expense of other patients. Most importantly, I now appreciate the miracle that happened. Someone gave part of their eye for me.

I am so very grateful. I am grateful to my parents for their constant love and support. I am grateful to the surgeon who miraculously performed my intricate operation, and I am eternally grateful to the wonderful and generous person who gave me the gift of sight through organ donation.