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Dialysis Dreaming

By Paul

I am on dialysis every second day at home, totally dependant on my wife and kids (11 year old girl and 14 year old boy) once on the machine. After years of poor health and failing kidneys, I am slowly getting back to normal after a bi-lateral nephrectomy. My left kidney weighed 6.8kgs and the right 7.2kgs when removed.

I have been on the transplant waiting list for a year and a half. I am trying to have a normal life with my family on every other day, but it is very difficult. I dream of the day when we can go on a family holiday-before my kids grow up and it's all too late.

I have had one failed attempt at a renal transplant where the surgeon cancelled at the very last second. I am so very happy to have had one chance. My thoughts and huge gratitude go out to the wonderful donor family that almost gave me the chance to get back to normal. Hopefully one day it will happen and be successful. I encourage everyone to talk about organ donation. Donate life!