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He had decided to become an Organ Donor

Glenys can still remember the day she had a discussion with her eldest son about organ and tissue donation.

'I was travelling in the car with my three sons (Angus, Lachlan and Hayden) when we started to talk about my life and what would happen if I died. We talked about organ donation and my eldest son said that he would be happy to be a donor in the event anything happened to him.'

Angus was a vibrant teenage child, a lover of life who got into all sorts of mischief and pretty much put 110 per cent into everything he did, good and bad.

Angus had an accident and ended up not having enough oxygen for too long and as a result of that he was on mechanical ventilation for three days and his injury was so severe that active treatment was withdrawn.

The hospital staff and I discussed the possibility of him being an organ and tissue donor.

This discussion was very difficult for my family but we thankfully knew what Angus wanted and as a family we had already had the discussion, so the decision to donate was straight forward in honouring his wishes.

The situation was explained to Lachlan and Hayden and we took photos, locks of his hair, ink prints from his hand and feet and then said our goodbyes.

I think the big part is that as tragic as the event was, there were still some positives that came from it and the fact that other families have their loved ones with them now due to his donations. That has certainly helped me and my family these last few years.