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Donor a life-saver

Mill's daughter Katrina can't remember a time when her dad was unable to play with her.

Katrina, now nine, was less than two months old when her father received the life-changing gift of a new kidney. Before that, Mill required more than four hours of dialysis three times a week, with his kidneys working at barely 10 percent efficiency.

Now, thanks to a donated organ, the 47 year old from Brighton has a new lease on life. His renewed energy has allowed him to play tennis with his daughter and even take up cycling.

When he was about 25, Mill was diagnosed with a kidney disorder and at 40 he was put on dialysis and the transplant waiting list.

'By then, there was about 10 per cent (kidney) efficiency left,' he said. 'I could still function, but I got tired...and I just found I had no energy left.'

Told he would have to wait up to three years for a new kidney, after five months on dialysis he received the call he was waiting for.

'So I was one of the lucky ones, and am very thankful to my donor and donor family.'

Mill said it was important for families to discuss organ and tissue donation.