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One man and his bike!

Keith, a 74 year old former carpenter from the Perth northern suburb of Kingsley in WA is a very active promoter of organ and tissue donation. For the last 15 months Keith has been an avid supporter, having given out 47,000 Australian Organ Donor Register brochures.

Two years ago a friend of Keith's waiting for a lung transplant drew his attention to the cause. He and his wife Barbara initially started helping their friend promote organ and tissue donation by taking registration brochures to their local chemist, doctor's surgeries and health shops. Unfortunately they discovered that people weren't taking any of the brochures and realised more had to be done.

Keith took it upon himself to deliver the registration brochures to the letterboxes in his area, his local football club, eventuating with Keith being physically present at the metro Perth Train Station circuit.

Currently, Keith promotes organ and tissue donation by being present at the Perth Train station, Underground and the Esplanade stations. He catches the 5.15 am train to be in the Perth CBD to reach the early morning commuters. He simply stands there and offers the brochures to anyone who would like one. Some people have even returned to get more for their family or colleagues. He regularly plays music and is accompanied by his pink motorised bicycle which has informally become known as the DonateLife bicycle!

Keith enjoys promoting the cause and finds it very positive and has a lot of fun doing it. He has been praised many times for his volunteer work by transplant recipients and strangers and has received many hugs along the way. Keith hopes to be doing this as long as he can.