Christopher's Story
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By Christopher

Hello, my name is Christopher and I am 11 years old.

I was born eight weeks early and was diagnosed with kidney failure which had other health issues attached. I am also intellectually impaired.

I needed oxygen for the first three years of my life and had to be tube fed for the first five years.

I was lucky enough to receive a kidney transplant at the age of five and for the first time could eat and drink without being tube fed.

My life is a lot better now. Not so many visits to the hospital and my transplanted kidney is doing great.

I am the youngest of eight children. I have five sisters and two brothers and they along with mum look after me very well. My dad died when I was five and didn't see me get my transplant but I'm sure he is watching over me from heaven. I like to play on the computer and watch movies. I also like to run around and kick my soccer ball.

I go to Inala State School and am in mainstream schooling attached to the special education unit. I love all my teachers and I have lots of friends at school who I like to play and talk with.

When I grow up I would like to work with animals as I love them all. Steve Irwin was my hero and I was sad when he died.

I went to camp for the first time last year with Kidney Health Australia and I am looking forward to going again this year and having some fun with other kids who have a disability like me.

Thanks to everyone who supports me and my family.