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Zaidee's Story and Zaidee's Rainbow Shoelaces

By Allan and Kim

Our daughter Zaidee Rose Alexander, aged seven years and 22 days died suddenly from a burst blood vessel in herbrain called a Cerebral Aneurism.

Zaidee raced out of her bedroom after going to bed that night about 9 pm and yelled, "I have a pain in my head".

Zaidee then collapsed unconscious in her mum's arms, we rushed Zaidee to the Hospital in Shepparton where they did an MRI scan which discovered a large bleed in her brain. They then called for the air ambulance to rush Zaidee to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne for emergency brain surgery. After the operation they sat Kim and I down and explained that Zaidee was brain dead and there was no hope that she would live as the bleed was too severe.

It was at that moment that Kim turned to the hospital staff and said she was going to donate Zaidee's organs and tissues. Hours later Zaidee was taken in for her final operation to become a donor. All the staff in the ICU just stood and watched as she was wheeled into surgery, as many at this hospital had never seen a child become a donor before- especially the new nurses.

When Zaidee was just 6 1/2 years of age she turned to Kim and said, "If anything happens to me I want to donate to other kids". Who would have thought just seven months later she would die and become a donor. Zaidee was the only child in Victoria under the age of 16 years to donate that year.

Zaidee's Rainbow Shoelaces have now become one of the national symbols to create national awareness for this subject and also for the public to reflect their support through wearing them.

Seven people benefited from Zaidee's Gift of Life.