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Delivered by an angel

Tim's diagnosis with terminal cancer three years ago did not alter his decision to be an organ donor. He used this decision as a way of dealing with his cancer, by way of focusing on others, rather than himself.

Unfortunately a year before Tim passed away from cancer he learnt that his decision to be an organ donor would not be acted upon. It was a shock to him as he thought it would be a decision that would never be questioned, as it was something he so strongly believed in. This was a big blow to him and caused him great disappointment. He handled this with eventual resolve, and continued living his life believing that the door of organ donation was closed.

The morning after Tim passed away I received a phone call from the coordinator of the eye bank at the Flinders Medical Centre, asking for my permission for Tim's corneas to be used as transplants. Although I had little sleep, and a very short time frame in which to make this decision, the choice was clear. I knew how much organ donation meant to Tim and I had comfort given to me by an embroidered angel on Tim's quilt when he died.

Tim was at peace with his angel, and I was at peace knowing Tim's wish was fulfilled. I felt as though I was giving him a gift by agreeing to the tissue donation, which was not mentioned to us when Tim was alive.

On the afternoon of Tim's funeral we received a phone call from the eye bank coordinator advising us that Tim's corneas had been transplanted to two elderly people. Just as Tim was delivered by an angel, the two people were delivered the gift of sight by an angel.