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The miracle of transplant

By Prof Bob Jones

Transplantation really is an extraordinary miracle.

You have patients, who are so sick and fragile while they are waiting for a new liver, then they have a transplant and a few months later they are at home cutting the lawn or playing sport. They're back doing the normal things they were doing before they got sick.

For every 10 patients who come to the Austin waiting for a transplant, three to four of them receive one.

The others will either get better under medical care or they die waiting for a transplant.

It is very frustrating for us to see people dying, but it is absolutely devastating for their families.

I find it extraordinary that, in their grief, families decide to donate at all. I am always amazed by the process. There is something so fundamental about the gift of life.

By making that decision, you will be saving someone's or several people's lives. The question should not be: 'Do you want to be an organ donor?' The question should be: 'Do you want to make transplantation available to everyone?'

The body is made up of exquisite organs. It is a great shame to waste them.