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Tinni's Story

By Mum, Dad, Kearin, Kelly and Matthew

Our beautiful 17 year old daughter Katrina or Tinni as we called her, was taken away from us in the prime of her life.

Tinni was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 11 and by the time she was 16 it was getting worse.

Tinni was a typical teenager who loved life, parties and going out with her boyfriend and friends. It was in her last month with us that we had a random conversation. We have no idea how it even came up but it was at this time when we found out her intentions to donate. Her reply was 'I won't need them anymore so someone else can use them.' That was the end of our conversation.

Thinking back now, how would anyone have been able to look into the future?

As a donor family we found so much comfort in receiving letters from the recipients; to know that all is well and that donation has made such a difference in another family's life. It is like a piece of her still lives on and it is of great comfort that our daughter was able to give the gift of life.

To our family, Tinni is a hero. She donated her kidneys and heart valves. Without this random conversation we wouldn't have known what to do. We believe that decision would have been too hard to make.

Talk to your friends and family, and spread the word. Everyone needs to know the importance of organ and tissue donation.

To all the recipients we have found such comfort in your letters and cards; it has made a world of difference.

Tinni has left her legacy behind her. She will never, ever be forgotten. We love you Tinni. You will be forever young and free. Love Mum, Dad, Kearin, Kelly and Matthew.