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Annette suffered a cerebral hemorrhage three weeks before her 12th birthday. It was her wish that her kidneys be donated if anything ever happened to her.

Annette never knew that she was Canberra's first organ donor and that there was no legislation in place to retrieve organs in the ACT. It was Annette's wish that started authorities writing and putting legislation in place for the ACT and NSW.

It is hard to capture the true character of Annette in writing, but it was obvious to all those who knew her that she was a very sincere, genuine, and a very affectionate person who had an unusual sensitivity towards the needs of others.

Annette loved her family and showed it in many ways...cooking, doing craft or looking after her two cats.

Holy Spirit, enlighten and protect me from evil and guide me to heaven where we will rest in peace, Amen. (One of Annette's last offerings).