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Taylor's Gift

By Lea and Peter

Taylor was just 15 months old when she became a donor. Her gifts have saved the lives of two baby boys who now not only have the gift of life, but also the gift of time and a chance to grow up with their loving families.

Taylor was a very independent, outgoing and lively child. Every day was an adventure and another excuse to laugh, smile and play. She had total confidence that she was the centre of her family and greatly adored by everyone around her, but was also a great sharer. When she died it seemed a very important and logical choice for us, as her parents to decide to offer her organs for donation. We know with total certainty that she would have wanted to share anything she could with others and would be very proud of what she has been able to contribute after she left us.

We will probably never know Taylor's recipients nor get the chance to meet them or tell them about Taylor, but this doesn't diminish the importance of the gifts she gave or the rightness of the decision to authorise her donation.

Being a donor is more than the gift the donor gives - it's also about the community you join when you are a donor family, the joy you get from knowing someone else is healthy because of her, and the knowledge of how very proud she would be of the special gift she gave to these complete strangers, with not a thought of receiving anything in return. It's a great comfort to know that a little piece of our angel lives on in the precious children of other families.