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My second chance in life

By Eda

I cannot find the words to thank the family and the donor of my liver - —who is now resting in peace.

I was put on the transplant waiting list two days after my wedding. I was not allowed to go on a honeymoon because I was so sick. I can't look at my wedding photos now.

I was told they had a liver for me and that I would go into surgery for a couple of hours. I was shocked, surprised and scared ... but happy. So many mixed emotions running around.

After waiting for 14 months, constantly being hospitalised, I am back to life. I enjoy every minute of life and it felt like I was born again when I opened my eyes after the surgery.

May the person who donated their organs rest in peace.

I wouldn't be here now if you didn't consider organ donation. I can't thank you and your family enough. Sad to know such a good and thoughtful person is not here anymore. My thoughts are with you.