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By Irene

As a baby, there would have been endless sleepless nights for you.
As a toddler, I would have kept you on your feet.
As a teenager, no doubt I gave you many headaches.
I thought you were too strict and over protective, I wanted to run away.

The day I got diagnosed with my illness, the only place I wanted to run to...was into your arms.

You were there with me, every step of the way.
Every treatment, every procedure, you were there holding my hand.
There were many days where I wanted to give up but you were there to inspire me.
Days I felt I was drowning in despair, you threw me a life line.

Mum, you gave me life 38yrs ago.
You gave me life twice when you donated me your kidney.
It is because of your gift of life to me, I was able to give life to my two sons.
No amount of words can describe the love and gratitude I have for you, but know this mum - I am the woman that I am today because of you.