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She was an Angel in the shape of our Mum

By Jessica

In 2012, our lives changed forever. It was at this time that our Mum got a chest infection that was so bad, it would land her in the ICU at The Alfred Hospital for 12 days and inevitably on the double lung transplant waiting list. During those 12 days, a Doctor told us that she wouldn’t make it but he didn’t know the strength and determination possessed by our Mum.

Our mum pulled through like the trooper she was and as a result was placed on ‘the list’. We waited patiently as she was totally reliant on her oxygen, known affectionately to my nephew as BOB (bottle of breath). At approximately 9pm in late 2013, after only one false alarm, our mum received the phone call that would change her life and ours as well. Having been married to my dad for 40 years, this was just as much a journey for him as it was for my mum. I’ve never seen two people so in love. The word soulmates doesn’t do it justice.

We all raced to the hospital. This was it. It was happening. Before we knew it, she was being wheeled away with my nephew waving goodbye to Nanny’s friend BOB.

The minutes felt like hours and the hours felt like days but eventually the doctors came out to tell us everything had gone well and that she was recovering in the ICU. We couldn’t wait to get into see her.

After only 5 days in ICU and 19 days on the ward, 24 days after the transplant, our Mum walked out of the hospital under her own steam and without her BOB.

We couldn’t have been more proud, grateful and in awe of her. The donor gave us all an extra 2.5 years of quality time with our mum until unfortunately in June 2016 her tiny body was just too tired and the Angels came and took her home.

The gift of organ donation really does change lives and on behalf of our family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.