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Travis' Gift

My Brother was my hero. He had four great loves in his life: his beautiful wife, Meagan, his adored sons, Charlie and Lachlan, his family and St Kilda Football Club.

Travis was a loving, hardworking man whose only joy was being with his family and watching his beloved Saints play footy. Travis was the only son to our parents, Graeme and Glenys, and a brother to Peta, Leslie, and me.

He was Uncle Tag to all his nieces and nephews. He had a cheeky smile and the catch phrase, 'it's gonna cost ya 2 bucks'. Uncle Tag always threw that little gem in and all the children loved it.  He was the ultimate prankster of the family and our poor dad, Graeme, was often the brunt of the jokes: like leaving empty coke cans throughout the pantry or in their bed, to signing mum and dad up for a nursing home. 

As the oldest child, Travis was only 11 months younger than me.  Our childhood was full of love, laughter and togetherness. Travis had the biggest heart. He always made sure everyone was happy.  If anyone needed anything, he made sure he helped or got it for you.

Travis had rarely been sick and to undergo emergency open heart surgery was a shock to all of us, especially since we were still grieving the sudden loss of our dad 12 months earlier.

I am so incredibly proud of my brother. He suffered so much but kept a smile on his face throughout every ordeal he went through. He was never alone. His wife Meagan and our mother Glenys rarely left his bedside. At the end he was surrounded by his loving family and I’m sure was greeted by our father on the other side.