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I can see clearly now

By Kerrie

I can see clearly now, clear on how important organ and tissue donation is.

My beautiful courageous baby sister passed at the young age of 31 from complications associated with Crohns disease.

Before my sister passed away she discussed with our family how she wanted to donate whatever she could. Although it was difficult for me to understand how she wanted to become an organ and tissue donor, the rest of my family was on board with her decision.

Following lengthy discussions with her, she explained to me the importance of organ donation and how she wanted to help someone in need of a transplant. 

When my sister lost her battle with Crohns, a battle that gave me so much inspiration, she still continued to live on through the gift of sight

My sister’s corneas have let someone see clearly, not only the recipient but myself as well. She opened my eyes to the importance of organ and tissue donation and now I am on the register. I have also discussed my donation decision with my family.

Not only did she donate to a recipient, she donated to me too. I thank her for opening my eyes as well. She has given me an understanding of what is needed for life to go on even though she cannot be here.