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DonateLife, Donate me - A poem

By Alex

Yesterday, I slipped away and I couldn’t say goodbye.

Now I rest, in this hospital bed and tears fill your eyes.

With not a scratch on my face, or a mark on my skin.

It’s my time to leave this life.


Today you’ll choose, as angels do, to give and not to beg.

With prayers done, the heartache comes, you’ll still do as I have said.

With pain in your chest, and black sorrow within.

You choose a chance to change others’ lives.


Let them use all of me, because I don’t need me anymore.

Then I will live on, in more than just memories of yours.

Let them use all of me, I will be wasted in the earth.

Let me unburden others from the grief of the hearse.


You’ll never hear my heart beating, but beat again it will.

You’ll never hear the breath drawn into my lungs as they fill.

You’ll never again look into my eyes, but see you know they will.

I won’t ever tread this earth again, because of us, someone will.


Somewhere, someday, someone who is loved like you love me.

Will hold their Mother, Father, Daughter or Son, because we set them free.

I can now rest in peace.