Daniel's Story
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Daniel was diagnosed when he was eight weeks old, around November 1995. He was very sick as an infant. We had all of our treatment at the Mater Children’s Hospital Brisbane. That was our home for the next few months/years on and off.

Daniel was eventually diagnosed with ‘Finnish Type’ Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome. This was very rare. Daniel needed albumin infusions until he was around two years old. He then went on medication to control his condition.

He went well with this for a number of years, until his kidney function started to deteriorate. In the meantime I met this wonderful man by the name of Phil (Daniel’s step-dad). He supported us through everything, even staying with Daniel overnight on many occasions. We eventually all became one family.

Daniel continued to go well until around May 2001, it was then his doctor decided it was time to do a transplant. I was worked up to donate a kidney for Daniel. However when the last test was completed theurologist found there was a problem with one of my kidneys.

I could have donated but it would have meant a higher risk of rejection for Daniel. Phil said ‘no, we can’t have that’ and put his hand up to be the donor. He had to go through a number of tests and psych meetings before he was allowed to donate. Thanking all the Gods above he was the same blood type as Daniel.

So the big day finally arrived. Phil was in the Adults hospital and Daniel was in the Children’s. I had an anxious wait having both of them in theatre. Everything went very well. The kidney started working instantly. I am blessed to have met such a wonderful man in Phil to have done this for us. I will be forever grateful to him.

Daniel is now a healthy fourteen year old boy who is enjoying school, sport and being a teenager. Since the transplant he has been very healthy with no medical problems to date. This coming July will be nine years since the transplant.

Daniel loves Soccer and Cricket.