Brenda's Story
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Liver transplant

By Brenda

It was about 20 years ago when my mother in law first became sick. She had diabetes and had a diabetic ulcer sore on her whole left leg.

My husband took her in and we cared for her. We contracted Hepatitis C. We didn't know what it was back then and not too many really knew the dangers of the condition.

I didn't really drink - that much. My little dog was diagnosed first. He died of liver failure. Then my husband fell ill and he had a liver transplant - ¬óbut died of lung cancer.

Before he died I was tested for Hepatitis C, fell ill in December and was transplanted in April the following year.

So far so good.

I've had a bout of diabetes from the Prograff but other than that - I'm very healthy. I was only in the hospital for four days when I received my transplant.

I had and still have great Doctors. I have to thank the donor and the doctors for saving my life.

I'm raising my great nephew and I'm his mum. I'm so glad I can watch him grow.