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My living non-direct kidney donation story

By Anthony

I donated my left kidney. My commitment to donate a kidney was just a natural and normal thing for me to do. I didn't know anyone who was in need of a kidney so the only option was to seek a non-directed or altruistic donation.

Within a very short time I made contact with a man who was living about an hour's drive from a hospital. This hospital was going to change my life and the life of a man who had been on kidney dialysis for about two years. After sending a blood sample I found that I was a match with the potential recipient and a booking was made for the kidney transplant.

The hospital staff were absolutely wonderful, providing me with lasting memories. I was truly ready to give this gift of life and now aware that my kidney wasn't going to a stranger anymore but a new friend.

A date for surgery was set. My surgery went well and I remember how happy the recipient looked with his new gift.

Now I can afford to look back and think of the good memories. A wonderful man and his wife now have a new life of hope, good health and the knowledge that it is possible for a stranger to love another stranger.

When you believe in something powerful in your life and you know it is legal and ethical then nothing should stop you. This is a dream come true for me. Every person is valued in one shape or form and my life is much richer because of my decision to donate.

Good luck and good health to all those who live in hope for someone to enter their lives and make a difference.