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Patrick's story

By Rhani

Dad fell ill exactly three years to the day prior to his death.
Dad was transferred to hospital when he became sick and was told that his lung disease was totally unpredictable. He was then referred to specialists at a transplant clinic.
The clinic started evaluation tests for Dad to have a lung transplant. He endured many tests during that week, including a lung function test. He couldn't give a proper reading as his breathing had deteriorated so much in that last month.
Dad was due to go back home in the afternoon, when that morning at 10 am the doctor came in to say there was a 30% chance a lung was on the way that would suit him.
At 6 pm that day they operated and Dad was transplanted with a left lung.
Dad was given a second chance in life, receiving his transplant within only hours. We knew he wasn't ready!
He survived to see his three grandchildren who bought him so much happiness and amusement. He showed us all an enormous amount of strength and courage as he fought for life.
Most of all he showed us miracles really do happen.
Unfortunately Dad's health deteriorated and he passed away with his two children by his bed-side.