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A special son and brother. Forever young.

By Patricia

Our darling boy Michael was only 33 years old when he collapsed at home with a severe bleed to the brain (Aneurysm).

He had many friends who were shaken and sad when the news filtered through that Michael had passed away.

His family including my husband and I, Nick and Patricia, his loving sister Tina, her two little boys Lachlan and Mitchell (Mike's nephews whom he loved to bits) their dad Dan, Mike's big brother Paul and his Nana are all still very shocked and grieving in their own way. We miss him heaps of course, but we talk about him often and have a little cry for what should have been.

His story didn't end with him leaving us to start his next journey, in fact it was a new beginning for others. Because of his wishes his heart, kidneys, pancreas, liver and also his retinas and corneas have gone to help others lead a healthier life.

We learnt of his wish to donate from an advertisement on TV asking for families to have a sit down meeting to discuss this very delicate subject. So we, together with Michael, sat down and discussed what we each wanted.

Mike casually remarked that if anything happened to him he couldn't see the point of organs rotting in the ground when others could be helped to live a better healthier life.

This was Michael. He was always thinking of others. Sadly for us our darling Michael did pass away in hospital only a few months after this discussion.

After he collapsed at home, he was then taken to hospital but his lovely caring and thoughtful brain was gone. Because he had already told us that he wanted to donate his organs, it made it so much easier at that very incredibly sad moment in our life because we knew his decision. We just signed the papers.

It was and still is very, very sad that our youngest son died. Knowing that part of him is still living, that he has helped others to survive and that his last wish was extremely kind and caring —- certainly helps us with our pain and grief.

Kisses good night as always Mike.