Heather's Story
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Thank you to all donors for your precious gift of

By Heather

I am about to celebrate six months since my kidney transplant.

I have Type 1 diabetes and found out a week before my birthday in 1963. Back then they didn't have the technologies they have today.

I hated doing three urine tests a day. My mum weighing all my food and for a treat I was allowed six potato crisps but that was all.

As a teenager I didn't care about the rules for diabetics and did all the wrong things.

Fast forward to when I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. I commenced dialysis and eventually it was three days a week for four and a half years.

Then I received the phone call. I remember the date. After dialysis and plasma replacement I was in theatre about 9.30pm. After 10 days I was allowed out.

Not a day goes past that I don't think of or thank my donor and their family for their ultimate sacrifice. You have enabled me to see my youngest girl start university and my oldest daughter to have fun and go out with her friends. We can now go on planned holidays or spontaneous drives.

My family and I will never forget you or the day you gave me life. Thank you and may God continually watch over you all.