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Bek's story...you can't just wait

By Kerrie

Bek's story

... you can't just wait

I can't tell you that Bek is an ordinary 13 year old, because she's not. In fact, she's extraordinary!

By her first birthday, after suffering many months with an unknown illness, she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease that would see her one day needing a transplant.

A shy and quiet girl, she does not stand out in a crowd, nor does she even like a lot of attention - ¬óbut when she sings, she sings like an angel. She sings songs of hope, healing and courage.

In her lifetime of chronic illness, the last four years have been particularly rough going. Bek battles chronic nausea and is unable to eat. She requires tube feeding and multiple medications and treatments daily.

Bek continues to raise money and awareness of PSC (liver disease). She participates in events like the MS Read-a-thon and is now trying to raise awareness for organ donation.

We've stuck with the principle that we can't just wait for a donation - we need to live life, but 15 months of being on the transplant waiting list and multiple hospital admissions including the Christmas holidays are making that tougher.

It's hard to know just how much time Bek has, but she won't just sit around waiting for this personal and deeply precious gift. A gift that we know she will receive in someone else's great loss. When she receives it, not a minute will be wasted getting out there and embracing her new life of fun with friends and giving to others.