Australia’s organ and tissue donation and transplantation rates improve in 2015


Australia has continued its improvement in organ and tissue donation and transplantation with a record year in 2015, minister responsible for organ and tissue donation Fiona Nash said today.

Releasing the Australian Donation and Transplantation Activity Report 2015, Minister Nash paid tribute to all donors and their families who agreed to organ and tissue donation, enabling a record number of Australians to receive the gift of a transplant.

“Last year 1,241 Australians received an organ transplant from 435 deceased donors and their families, a 15 per cent increase in the number of organ donors over 2014 (378 donors),” said Minister Nash. 

“Australia increased its donation rate by 14 per cent from 2014, achieving a national donation rate of 18.3 donors per million population (dpmp) in 2015, meeting the national target of 18.2 dpmp set by all Australian Health Ministers.

“Australia’s performance in organ and tissue donation and transplantation is improving, but we can always do better and save more lives, which was one of the things highlighted in the independent review into organ donation released last week,” Minister Nash said.

Minister Nash urged Australians to register as an organ donor and inform their families of their decision. Currently 6.1 million Australians have begun the process to register as a donor but only 1.8 million have completed the paperwork.

Last week’s Coalition Government announcement means that as of May, registering to be an organ donor will be a one-step process which can be completed online in less than ten minutes – the paperwork is no longer required.
When the deceased is a registered organ donor who has informed their family of that fact, the family allows the donation to go ahead 91 per cent of the time, compared to 42 per cent of the time if the deceased was not registered and the family did not know their loved one’s donation decision.

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