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Organ and Tissue Authority 2014-15 Annual Report

We thank and acknowledge the generous Australians and their families who save and transform the lives of transplant recipients through organ and tissue donation. This act of generosity by donor families has a profound impact on the Australians who receive a transplant, as well as their families and friends.


OTA 2014-15 Annual Report CoverDownload the Organ and Tissue Authority's 2014-15 Annual Report here (4.39MB PDF)





OTA 2014-15 Annual Report Part 1

OTA 2014-15 Annual Report - Part 1 (0.5MB PDF)

This section provides a summary of our activities and achievements, reported in the Chief Executive Officer’s review and the National Medical Director's report. It also reports on our organisational structure and partnership arrangements.




OTA 2014-15 Annual Report Part 2OTA 2014-15 Annual Report - Part 2 (3.0MB PDF)

This section outlines our outcomes and programme framework and reports on our performance against the deliverables and key performance indicators detailed in the 2014–15 Health Portfolio Budget Statements. It also includes financial reporting on Budget estimates and actual expenses for 2014–15, as well as trend information about organ donation and transplantation and community awareness. It then presents a summary of:

  • progress made against the 2014–2018 Strategic Plan: objectives, strategies and actions
  • activities undertaken by the DonateLife Network.


OTA 2014-15 Annual Report Part 3

OTA 2014-15 Annual Report - Part 3 (0.1MB PDF)

This section summarises our corporate governance structure, people management, workplace health and safety, resource management and legislative reporting requirements.




OTA 2014-15 Annual Report Part 4

OTA 2014-15 Annual Report - Part 4 (0.6MB PDF)

This section includes the financial statements for the Organ and Tissue Authority in 2014–15.




OTA 2014-15 Annual Report Appendices

OTA 2014-15 Annual Report - Appendices (0.1MB PDF)

Provides a list of abbreviations, a glossary of terms used in the report, a list of tables and figures, a list of requirements for annual reports, and an alphabetical index.




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